How much do you know about the home you’re interested in? Many homes may have blatant defects that are not readily visible. Identifying these may require the services of a trained inspector. Homespec, LLC offers inspection services to help you understand all aspects of the home you are interested in. We encourage you to participate in the inspection process so we can help educate you about the home.

We will prepare a detailed inspection report identifying all issues within 24 hours.

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Pre-purchase Inspections

Home buyers want an accurate and focused assessment of the property they are buying. They want assurances that their money is being well spent and that the property they are buying is a safe and sound.  Generally they are concerned mostly about the big ticket items, such as Roofing, Structure, Foundations and Mechanical systems. We focus on these items, to insure an accurate assessment on these items for subject properties. We engage experts when necessary to evaluate conditions that may be complex and beyond our expertise, with the recognition that our goal is to provide the best service possible for the client.

Pre-listing Inspections

When getting ready to sell a home, it is often advantageous for the seller to ensure that their home is in move in condition. This can help achieve the desired price and facilitate a smooth transaction. Given that building codes evolve and older homes often have issues that can hold up a sale, smart sellers often get a pre-listing inspection to advise them of such issues. This gives them a chance to address any issues before they put the home on the market, minimizing the possibility that the buyer’s Inspector turns up problems that can delay closing, reduce the value or even kill the deal.

Pre-Sale Inspection

Property sellers are often not sure what to expect when a buyer requests an inspection for a property they are selling. A Pre-sales inspection is a good way to get an accurate assessment of issues that may be problematic for closing the transaction. A pre-sales inspection can identify issues that need to be addressed before entering a real estate contract where financial obligations mount as the transaction approaches closing. Issues that could cause delays or the deal to fall through are best dealt with before listing the property for sale. A Pre-sales inspection is a good tool for sellers to insure that their property sale progresses with a minimum of disruption related to the condition of their property.

New Construction Inspection

While most builders do quality work and hire reputable sub-contractors, building a house is a very complex and error prone process.  Having an independent, in-process inspection of a home you are building is a good way to insure that oversights and seemingly minor mistakes don’t become baked into the process, possibly leading to significant issues after the home is completed. An in-process inspection generally consists 5 visits to the building site, each at major stages of the building process.  Foundation, Framing and roofing, Behind wall utilities (Electrical, Plumbing),  Drywall, and  finishes, and final walkthrough.

Pest Inspections

Homespec LLC partners with licensed local pest inspection firms to provide seamless services to clients needing pest inspections as part of the real estate transaction. In most cases, pest inspections can be scheduled at the same time as the Home Inspection. We can handle scheduling, payment and document transfer for clients needing Pest Inspection services.

Radon Testing

Homespec LLC has a partnership with Radon Environmental Services to provide accurate and timely radon tests when requested as part of a pre-purchase Home Inspection. Radon Environmental Services provides cost effective mitigation and monitoring systems that help create smooth real estate transactions.